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Armchairs are a great addition to a living room, either in a matching or complimentary design to your sofa. The days of the formal three piece suite may be a thing of the past, but armchairs remain enduringly popular, both in the living room and around the home.

All Oakridge armchairs are made in our UK workshops and delivered direct to your home at half the price of High Street equivalents. So you get to sit pretty without too much discomfort to your bank balance.

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  1. Elton Single Unit
    Elton Single Unit


  2. Portofino Armchair
    Portofino Armchair


  3. Monza Armchair
    Monza Armchair


  4. Brunello Armchair
    Brunello Armchair


  5. Noah Armchair
    Noah Armchair


  6. Kate Armchair
    Kate Armchair


  7. Elgar Companion Chair
    Elgar Companion Chair


  8. Jacob Armchair
    Jacob Armchair


  9. Amelia Armchair
    Amelia Armchair


  10. Rio Arm Chair
    Rio Arm Chair


10 Items

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