about us

About us

We began our business in 1994 with a passion to manufacture Great British contemporary sofas and sell not through retailers but instead direct to the public at a fraction of high street prices.

We recognised that whilst there were many great contemporary designs on the market, they were ridiculously expensive. So we set out to cut out the retail middleman and sell direct to the public. In those pre-internet days we sold our designs through mail order catalogues and from our showroom and whilst times have changed our ethos in supplying fabulous contemporary designs at a fraction of high street prices has not.

We believe passionately in the quality and value for money of British made sofas and we continue to manufacture all our furniture right here in the UK. We don't sell imports, we don't sell through retailers and we don't burden our prices with finance gimmicks like interest free credit. We just offer Great British Sofas at direct from the factory prices.

Not available in the Shops

You will not find our products in your local furniture retailer. That’s because instead of supplying retailers we prefer to sell direct to the public. That way we cut out all shop overheads and profit margins so effectively you pay trade prices direct from the manufacturer. Simple really isn't it?

Guaranteed to last

We know that customer confidence is crucial when buying direct and particularly when buying online. For total piece of mind we offer a 21 day home trial on all our sofas and chairs, so you can try out your new furniture in the place that matters and not just some random showroom. In addition to our 21 day money back guarantee, we included a 2 year parts and labour warranty on the fillings, feet, castors, fabric, and springing. In fact everything, right down to the brass tacks. Oh, and our hardwood frames are guaranteed for a full five years absolutely free of charge.

Delivered direct anywhere on the UK mainland

We like keeping things in house. It not only keeps costs down but we get to keep a close eye on the quality of our products and the efficiency of our service. This extends to our in house delivery service. A great delivery service is of course essential. Your time is valuable and we don't want to keep you waiting around. All our sofas and chairs are delivered by a two man delivery team direct to the room of your choice. Don't worry; our delivery teams are fully housetrained and highly skilled in fitting furniture through the tightest of spots. We deliver to all parts of the UK mainland.

Eco sofas

Here's the worthy bit. If environmental issues are important to you, then buying British is a must. Our British Made Sofas are made from non tropical hardwoods, sourced from sustainable European forests. As a British Manufacturer we comply with all European environmental legislation and actively recycle wherever possible. And our furniture doesn't travel 5000 miles from China.